Thursday, 31 October 2013

WIP Wednesday: The Hat That Turned Into a Snood

This week in the UK we have seen gale force winds sweep across the country. Thankfully where I live in South East London, we were not massively effected; just a few branches and lots of leaves on the roads. Going to work has meant that I've had to scrap all my hair up into a rather sorry mess and by the time I actually get to work it looks like a birds nest, so I thought a new hat would do the trick to keep my mane at bay.

After thumbing the latest copy of Simply Crochet this month (Issue 11) there was a lovely pattern for a bobble/pom pom hat which looked super cute and cosy.

I attempted the first 5 or so rounds and realised that I was getting a bit stuck and confused so I frogged back to round three and have decided to change it to a snood/cowl instead. I always love something warm around my neck especially as the temperature here seems to be dropping. The initial foundation chain of the hat pattern would have been too big for my head anyway (it would have been very slouchy if you like that kind of style) so fits perfectly over my head and around my neck.

I have opted to use Stylecraft Special Aran in Aspen with a 5mm hook. I managed to complete it last night so it was a super quick and easy make. I probably could have done it in a day if I'd had the time but I'm really pleased with the result and it was lovely and warm on the way to work this morning! I have used a mixture of stitches - single, double and half double (US terms) with some shells and a row of bobbles!

Excuse the dodgy expression and my bathroom!

Betty xXx

Monday, 28 October 2013


It's been a while since I've sat down to write something, mainly because I've been so busy with either work or finishing off little projects I just haven't had to energy to sit and type (especially when I'm in front of a computer all day).

I've been a busy bee though on the crochet front. With Christmas fast approaching (okay, I know we still have about 8 weeks!) I have a list as long as my arm of projects I either need to finish off or start. I also keep getting distracted with other little makes that might only take an evening to finish but I need to be stricter with my time if I want to get it all completed before December 25th! So, here is a little compilation of what I've been up to...

We went down to the New Forest for a couple of days in September which was absolutely wonderful. It was so pleasant and peaceful down there; everyone was really friendly and it was nice to see new things, especially the horse but alas I struggled to get a descent picture of them!

We bought ticked to Wicked which is a show I have seen before but the Other Half had never been to the theatre so I decided that was a brilliant show to see. It was 'wicked'! I love all the songs and the stage production and how everything moves so seamlessly never fails to impress me.

The weather has most certainly changed over the last couple of months and it is officially Autumn. I love this season; everything gets a little more cosy, the leaves turn to that lovely auburn/orange colour and there is a crispness in the air. I had seen an autumn/fall wreath on the blog Repeat Crafter Me and I thought I would give it a go. I got the polystyrene wreath from Hobbycraft and bought a selection of autumnal colours from Deramores. The pattern can be found here as well as patterns for the tiny pumpkin and leaves.I really enjoyed making it and it only took a few days to complete.

I also decided to make a slightly larger pumpkin using the same pattern featured in RCM's blog post, just increasing the initial chain stitches to give a bigger version. I'm really pleased with this too and added a pom pom wreath made using Clover Pom-Pom Makers, which was super quick and easy!

These are a couple of little projects I have on the go. A possible Christmas present in the form of a Cath Kidston inspired cowl scarf and a cutie teddy bear for a new baby arrival :)

I hope you have all been well and enjoying the change in the seasons.

Betty xXx