Sunday, 22 December 2013

Little Tank Top

I've been wanting to make some little people clothing for a while and after my successful attempt at a cardigan (minus the sleeves - I've not quite mastered those yet) I decided a cute tank top would make a great gift for my godson. Would you believe it was so hard to find a pattern for one especially for toddlers, but after a bit of searching I found one by Lisa Hoffman - Little Boy Springtime Vest

I chose a simple light grey colour yarn using Stylecraft Special Aran in silver and did an edging in a sage green from New Fashion DK in glacia. It was such an easy pattern to follow, I'll definitely be making more! It can easily be adapted for smaller or larger sizes but changing the yarn and hook size, and even the colour to make it more girly. I think next time I'll add an appliqué motif to give it a bit of character. Here are some pics:

At the beginning it did feel like it was going to take forever.

The back complete, now to do the front.

It's all finished!

I must get some crochet clothing tags or try to make my own as shop bought ones tend to be aimed at knitting. I had to use 'stitched with love' tags as it was the closest thing to crochet! 

Hope you are having a lovely time over the festive period and eating lots of yummy food :) 

Betty xXX 

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