Friday, 10 January 2014

#Crochetmoodblanket2014 - The Beginning

As mentioned in my previous post my first big project of 2014 is the Instagram hashtag as the title above suggests. My wool has arrived, I'm almost decided on the style and stitches so lets get started!

Firstly I have a gorgeous selection of yarn, purchased from the lovely Anita who is on Instagram (I don't think she has a website but her username is mycraftlife). She sells Stylecraft Special DK and New Fashion DK at very reasonable prices. I have chosen ten Stylecraft and two New Fashion:

From top: Pale Rose, Silver, Denim, Glacia, Raspberry

From top left: Lavender, Mocha, Teal, Clematis, Cream, Saffron, and Sherbert

At the moment I have decided to keep it simple by using the humble granny stitch with the colours in a stripey formation - I do keep changing my mind about this and may have to include a couple of additional stitches just so I don't get bored! I do still really like the idea of a patchwork blanket but not sure how it would all go together.

So for now this is my progress: 

I started with Sherbert, my personal favourite which is representing 'calm'. I have assigned a mood to each colour but I have a feeling the moods may change to represent the colour (or the other way round) I may feel on a particular day/week. The next colour is Lavender to represent 'sleepy' - the first week back to work after Christmas is taking its toll!

I'll be updating on a weekly basis so pop back to see my progress.

Are you taking part in #crochetmoodblanket2014? How are you getting on?

Betty xXx 

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