Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Throw Away Fashion

For a while now I've been slightly addicted to Primark. Every weekend I've been buying things that I dont necessarity need, spending £20-30 each time. Yes, I do get a lot for my money but after wearing a new top a handful of times it then goes into the depths of my wardrobe, not seeing the light of day for a considerable about of time.

Of course there are those items from Primark that I've had for years; a poppy print dress comes to mind, but lately I think I have been enticed by the prices and have the need to buy something new. Recent purchases have not all been bad; I picked up a lovely pale blue duffle coat that is great quality and super warm! However, my wardrobe is now bulging and I hate those days when I leave the house in head-to-toe Primark without actually realising it.

So I am going to blitz my wardrobe and be really ruthless, using the mantra, 'if I haven't worn it for a year then its out'! I am then going to rebuild my wardrobe with clothes for each season, key pieces that I am actually going wear for both work and weekends. That's the plan anyway! I'm hoping it will stop me from buying clothes all the time when I have no need to.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'll never buy something on impulse or if I see something particularly pretty, but I need to remember to stop, think and ask myself 'do I really need this?'. I'm also not saying I'll never buy anything from Primark again. They are excellent for basic t-shirts, flat shoes and jewellery; I'm just imposing a small ban for a while....

Betty xXx

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