Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Scrapbooking // 29

I have now reached the grand old age of...29 (booo!) To document the last year of my 20's and to remember what it was like to be young I have decided to make a scrapbook. As part of my new year resolutions/plans for 2014, I also decided that this year I wanted to do lots of fun things and take more pictures, actually getting them printed out instead of letting them store on my hard drive (remember the good ol' days when you went down to Boots to get your photo's developed, not knowing how they'd turned out?!).

I've never made a scrapbook before - well, maybe when I was about 5 or 6! After spending ages searching through Hobby Craft's website I found a really cool looking scrapbook by a company called La De Dah. They not only do lovely scrapbooks (they call them creative journals) but they also have washi tape, sticky notes and lots of other accessories!

I went for the blue scrapbook (I don't know if the different colours have different themes in terms of the paper patterns but this one seems to be travel orientated?). It comes with 42 printed pages, a dual ended pen and glue stick, and four pocket pages. It is also a ring binder so you can move the pages around and add more to it. I purchased some cute washi tape with bicycle and bunting print, polaroid frames, some sticky notes and pastel coloured Sharpie markers.

I've been hording little things to stick in like tickets from Venice and will be printing my photo's from January. The plan is to document each month with pictures and any other little trinkets that hold memories. Luckily additional paper can be bought for the scrapbook/journal, which I think will be needed! Did you know its really hard to find an online printer that does 3x3 sizes?! I've looked everywhere! So I'm going to print them at home for now.

Have you made a scrapbook?

Betty xXx

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