Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mini Lush Haul

Over the weekend I visited Lush because I wanted to get a bath bomb or bubble bar. Every time I go into Lush I always want everything in the shop. I love everything Lush stands for; from handmade goods to campaigning  against animal testing - they are a mutil ethical shop!

With Spring now upon us, Lush have brought out their new range to coincide with Mother's Day (Sunday 30th March if you've forgotten) and they have some gorgeous treats! I particularly like the carrot bubble bar sticks which smell so refreshing. I opted for a fairly new 'invention' called Fun. It looks like plasticine and can actually be rolled into shapes and played with! Fun is a multipurpose product that can be used in the bath or shower for washing body and hair or as a bubble bath. Apparently you can even use it to wash your clothes!

I went for the yellow variety mainly for the colour but the smell was divine!  It has a gentle vanilla scent and I used it as a bubble bath by pulling off small chunks and dissolving under hot water, and I also gave it a go as a body wash which also worked very well. I'd be interested to try it as a shampoo as I have previously tried Lush solid shampoo bars and loved them so I hope this will work in the same way.

Also whilst in Lush (I couldn't just get one thing), I picked up some skincare products. I've been wanting a new face mask for a while and love that Lush is made with all natural products, plus have a use by date (Around three weeks) so its makes you use them up quickly, plus reminds to treat yourself to a mask more than just once a week. I went for Catastrophe Cosmetic which contains lovely things like blueberries, rose, almond oil and chamomile which are great for soothing and nourishing the skin. It also smells amazing!

The second skincare item I picked up was a toner. I've never tried one of their toner's before but always liked the sound of them. I am a massive fan of rose in skincare and fragrance so I opted for Eau Roma which contains rose and lavender water which are both great for sensitive skin as they calm and hydrate. This smells so relaxing and will be great on a hot day to cool down.

What products have you tried from Lush? Do you have any favourites?

Betty xXx

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