Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly Round Up

This week has mainly consisted of food and eating out, primarily due to not having a working kitchen as we are getting ours re-done. This weekend has been slightly stressful and there has been a massive lack of sleep due to the clocks going forward, but there is end in sight and I'll be showing you our new kitchen soon!

I'll start with the food. We were being slightly lazy but having all your food (and there was a lack of it) in another room, cooking up all the frozen food and then no fridge for the week we decided to eat out a couple of times.  We went to Pizza Express on Wednesday as I had a discount voucher and had a yummy pizza with beetroot, goats cheese and rocket. I have noticed that they have reduced the amount of classic pizza's most of the better choices are in the 'Romano' section (the really thin, really big pizza's) that also cost more.

 We couldn't resist desert!

By Thursday I had just given up all attempts to cook for myself so I stopped off after work to pick up a Chinese takeaway :) I always go for plain chow main with vegetables and black bean sauce.

Sunday was Mother's Day in the UK and I went with my parents to Canterbury for the day; it was lovely! We had a good look around the shops (I may have purchased a Bobbi Brown foundation...oopps!) and then meandered off down the back roads to look at the old houses and buildings.

We stopped at this little church to smell these beautiful flowers. We thought they might be Lily of the Valley but decided they didn't smell strong enough. Any ideas? 

Of course I had to take a look in the Cath Kidston store and lust after all the products in there! I love how all the stores have vintage items or furniture to give you ideas. I fell in love with this picture on the wall but I don't think it was for sale, so now I'm on a mission to hunt it down!!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and if you're a mummy I hope you had a relaxing day getting spoilt rotten!

Betty xXx

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