Friday, 4 April 2014

A Day Off

I had a day off from work thisWednesday which was mainly to focus on the new kitchen, i.e. painting it and tidying the flat up to try and get some order back in our lives. Here's how my day went:


I started the day with a healthy bowl of watermelon and a (Munch Bunch) yoghurt - a lot healthier than I usually would have on a day off. I love toast or a cooked breakfast but decided to keep it simple as we had a busy day ahead.

We then headed down to Homebase to pick up the paint and tiles for the kitchen. We I chose a lovely pale duck egg blue with cream 'underground' tiles which will hopefully look lovely together. After buying all the equipment(?) we got to work; Neil tackling the hallway whilst I concentrated on the kitchen. It didn't take long to do the first coat so we decided to take a little break while it dried.


We headed down the road to a small cafe we used to go to quite a lot in our younger days. On the way there were some lovely flowers which I couldn't bypass without snapping a photo! Who ever maintains this beautiful section does an amazing job. On arriving at the cafe we ordered some pannini's (at a very reasonable price). The food is always delicious and is served very quickly.

We took a stroll back through the park where there were some more lovely flowers in bloom. The skyline was so hazy with this unusual 'Saharan dust/fog' London has been experiencing. Of course we had to stop off at the shop on the way home to pick up a cold drink and an egg or two!

Back to paining and I ended up doing three coats in total! The kitchen walls were quite yellow and stained (eeww!) where the old cupboards were covering the walls.  Once we had finished it was a mammoth tidy up session and then onto making dinner.


The meal was a complete flop (for me; Neil loved it). I made gnocci with roasted beetroot, broccoli, red pepers and wilted spinach. I just didn't like the combination of flavours and mine ended up in the bin! We spent the evening plonked on the sofa watching a Louis Theroux documentary with some chocolate a cuppa tea and the cat.

Not the most exciting day but it was nice not to be at work and have some time together.

Hope you're all having a lovely week.

Betty xXx 

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