Saturday, 19 April 2014

Evening Skincare Routine

As with my morning routine I like to keep things simple. I wear make up pretty much every day so it's important to properly remove it so there are no nasties left behind, plus pollution and touching my face through the day I like to keep it clean and fresh.

Make up removal: This wasn't a step I always did; I would usually just jump straight into cleansing but after reading lots of posts about the importance of double cleansing or removing make up before cleansing I have now started to include this step. Think of it this way; if you use your cleanser once you're just removing the make up and not actually cleaning the skin - make sense?

I used to use face wipes and still do occasionally when I'm being lazy but I've recently bought the Garnier version of Bioderma. This is a Micellar water which contains oil particals to break down make up. I use this to remove my eye make up and then swipe over my face to take off the bulk of my face make up. It's actually really good and I find it to work in exactly the same way as Bioderma.

Cleanser: My current cleanser is Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel which comes out in a gel consistency but when massaged onto the face, changes to an oil and then mixed with water it goes milky! It took a while to get used to the texture and it definitely does a good job of cleansing my face (I have used it to remove make up, including eyes and it is really good) but I'm not sure if I will repurchase. It has lasted a long time so for the money it is worth it, I just want to try something different next time!

Toner: As with my morning routine I use the same Lush toner, Eau Roma Water.

Serums/Oils: At present I am using the Body Shop Vitamin E Serum in an Oil. It claims to be eight hours of sleep in a bottle. It feels lovely on the skin, sinks in very quickly but I'm not sure if it has a massive affect come the next morning. When I've stopped using it for a few evenings I do miss it and notice my skin looking a bit grey, however I think there might be better things out there. I would recommend it for the price and would possibly repurchase; I think I'm just a bit on the fence with this one.

Moisturiser: My current moisturiser, which I'm loving is Superdrug's Vitamin E Night Cream. For £4 you get a massive tub that is lightweight but very rich and moisturising. I use this all over my face, neck, chest and hands in the evening and my skin loves it!

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