Friday, 18 April 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

Sometimes I feel like I've tried every skincare item going (drugstore brands at least). This is mainly because I'd never found anything that settle my often disrupted skin so would quickly move onto a new item, which probably added to the problem instead of helping.

Another reason for this trial and error approach was because I thought my skin type was normal/combination when actually it leans more towards the sensitive. This has taken me years to realise this and in turn I was using products that were not helping the sensitivity and making my skin more blemished and red. I remember going into Space NK years ago for the first time, not really bothered by skincare and make up back then and the lady telling me I had dehydrated skin. I was shocked! I think most people had taken one look at my skin back then and just thought oily/combination/acne prone. I wish I had taken her advice on board but for years I continued to use harsh, oil stripping products - I do blame certain brands for providing the wrong information about acne prone skin, claiming that harsh products will help!

It was only when I started watching QVC one day that I realised I might have sensitive skin; the lady explained that sensitivity to products makes your skin react (obviously) but using these harsh product can make your skin produce more oil to over compensate for the lack of moisture! I started trying new products from Elemis and and Liz Earle that really helped and I feel like finally my skin is in much better condition and I know which products will work. Of course I still have the occasional break out but it's not as bad as it used to be. Oh and everyone should read Caroline Hirons' blog - she is a skincare god and everyone needs to listen to her advise. 

So, after that mammoth introduction, here are the products I am using on a daily basis in the morning:

Cleanser: I've been using a cream cleanser for a while now, and at the moment I have Superdrug's Vitamin E cream cleanser. I was using Liz Earle until it ran out and I didn't have time to pick up a new one so I've been using this and it is doing a good job. I still prefer Liz Earle (it just feels like it's doing some good as soon as I start using it!) but Superdrug's cleanser is clearly a lot cheaper so great as a stand in. I use this with a regular flannel/wash cloth run under warm water and then I rinse it under cold water at the end and press it again my face to help me wake up.

Toner: This was a step I skipped for a long time, thinking I didn't really need to use one. My skin started to look a little lack-luster so while in Lush I picked up the Eau Roma Water and I've noticed such a difference already. Not only is the smell amazing but it plumps up my skin ready for the next step.

Serum: I never used to care much about serums and oils, especially in the morning but as I'm getting older I feel like I need an extra boost of moisture. As I mentioned previously I never thought that my skin would be of the dry category and believed that adding more moisture would make me look more oily and shiney - how wrong could I have been?! After reading lots of reviews I picked up Hydraluron and I cannot live without it! Its a clear gel that contains hyaluronic acid (sounds scary but its really good) that plumps up the skin and locks in moisture. I find it really does make a difference and when I have stopped using it, I feel like I do miss the extra boost.

Moisturiser: I've been using La Roche Posay Efficlar Duo (original version) for quite a while now and highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin. After watching Ruth's video saying that it cleared up her spots I thought I would give it a go. It really helps to keep any blemishes at bay and is a water based, very light weight moisturiser.

It's a fairly simple routine but I'm really happy with all the products and don't think I'll be changing them any time soon. Check back soon to read about my night time routine.

What are your skincare recommendations?

Betty xXx

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