Saturday, 10 May 2014

First Date Ideas

My husband and I first met 11 years ago today! It's crazy how quickly those 11 years have gone and how we have grown into (almost) adults together, as we met when we were still teenagers. Of course it got me reminiscing about our first date and subsequent dates that followed. Being young we didn't have a lot of money so everything was a bit budget back then, so what would we do on our first date if we met now, as adults?

Obviously our tastes have changed and we appreciate each others company more than what we're actually doing but we often have a date somewhere and I think, "this would make a great first date". So here are my top 5 first date ideas:

1. A restaurant: This can be a tricky one as some people feel a bit uncomfortable eating in public, especially in front of a potential love interest. It's an oldy but a goody in my opinion and I think as long as it's not too formal or messy (the type of food!) then it's a winner in my book!

2. A walk in the park: A simple, easy, free date so if money is an issue it's perfect. Choosing a park shouldn't be a problem as there are hundreds in every part of the country. Whether dependant, it's a great way to have a long chat whilst walking amongst the pretty flowers and trees, and maybe hold hands...awww!

3. A trip to a gallery or museum: There are times when a first date can get a bit awkward and you don't really know what to say, so visiting a place that has lots of talking points is a good place to start. Finding out what each other is interested in would be my advice - you don't want to bore the socks off your love interest by looking at something you love as there might be a clash. Why not choose somewhere perhaps that has a certain exhibition on that week/month or a relatively small venue so your not stuck there all day.

4. Be a tourist: Whether you live in a big city or just a small town, there is bound to be things that you have never seen or haven't visited in a long time. Living in London means that we have a whole tourist map right on our doorstep but I don't really travel into central London that often now-a-days so it's nice to revisit some amazing places. Even exploring a local town that we haven't been to for ages can be really nice, taking in all the history and offers great talking points and opportunities for a spot of lunch or a drink.

5. A Class: There are so many classes you can take now that are only a few hours  to a day long, such as a dance class, chocolate making, cocktail making...the list goes on. Groupon is a brilliant place to look for offers and it's a fun way to get to know someone whilst exploring a possible hidden talent?!

I hope that has given you a few ideas for your first or 50th date! I know I want to go out and do all of them this weekend!

Betty xXx

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  1. I love the idea of visiting a museum on a first date! Such a great way of keeping moving and conversation flowing!