Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful #4

This week has been a busy one at work and the weather has been pretty bad here in London so finding things that have made me feel 'cheerful' has been a bit hard! Despite that there are always reasons to be thankful and happy!

1. Sleep: Oh I do love to sleep and the past week has been a tiring one! So when I've managed to have a lay in on the weekend it has been blissful. I always wake up early on the weekend even when I still feel tired so I love to sleep as long as possible! This leads nicely onto...

2. Bank Holiday Weekends: It's so lovely to have the extra day off from work. I did absolutely nothing and it was blissful :) It was such a lazy day of watching tv, eating, tv, long soak in the bath, Made in Chelsea and bed! Oh and maybe a little online purchase via Feel Unique (oops!)

3. Banana bread recipe: Whilst perusing Bloglovin' last week I discovered a recipe for flour-less banana bread muffins. I'm not too bothered about having flour-less foods as luckily I don't have any intolerance's but I'm always happy to try something new and healthy. It was so easy to make and although I had to substitute an ingredient (I couldn't track down almond butter, despite seeing it everywhere previously!) it was delicious! I'm super happy with it and will be taking it to work as my morning snack. I'll post details of the recipe soon.

4. Dinner with Friends: It's always lovely to see people you haven't seen in a while. We had some yummy take away and I tried Paneer which is a type of cheese often used in Indian/Asian curry dishes - it was very tasty! We also saw their super cute baby who is now six months old and getting so big already! It was nice to have a glass of wine and good ol' chat!

5. Sunshine: The weather last week was so grey and miserable in London it was nice to have some sunshine this weekend. I always feel so much better and more motivated when it is sunny and warm - lets hope we're getting into proper Spring weather and away from the April showers now that it is May.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and have a great week!

Betty xXx

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