Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Yarn Winder Review a.k.a New Obsession

First of all I'm going to start off this review by saying how much I love this yarn winder! I bought the Vktech Hand Operated Yarn Winder a while back and after waiting a couple of weeks for it to be delivered (from China I believe) I had a quick look at it and left it in the corner still packaged in its box.
It was only a the other week when I was sorting out things to take to Scotland with me when I thought that I could use it to make happy little yarn cakes to neatly pack away in my suitcase…this is where the obsession begins.

After a few failed attempts at trying to set it up and then watching a YouTube video I was away. It isn't the most sturdy of devices but you can use the adjustable clamp to secure it onto your table (or window ledge in my case), pull out this weird metal prong thing and then feed the yarn through. Using the handle on the side you simply turn to create a cute yarn cake! I've only used Double Knit so far but after reading some other reviews it can be used with lace/cotton up to chunky yarn so I'm sure it will come in very handy. 

I started with the smaller balls of yarn that I had collected which were leftovers from projects and then moved on to near 100g balls to see how they came out. Both sizes create a wonderfully neat and satisfying portion of yarn which can proudly sit in your collection! Oh and once you get started it is really hard to stop; I think I sat there surrounded by yarn for ages with a crazy look on my face! 

I got mine from Amazon (link here) and it only cost £9.88 but like I mentioned before, it did take a couple of weeks to arrive, but once it does, boy was it worth the wait!! 

Betty xXx

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