Monday, 8 September 2014

Crochet Baby Blanket // One for the Girls

I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here that I've recently become an Aunty!! My brother and his wife had a baby about 4 weeks ago; a beautiful little girl they have called Orla. Of course I had to crochet her some bits and pieces, so I decided to give her the Flopsy Bunny I've previously blogged about as well as make a cute blanket they could use for traveling in the pram or car.

There seemed to be a run of baby boys born recently amongst friends so it was nice to make something for a baby girl! I didn't want to use over the top girly colours but eventually decided upon a baby pink, lilac, beige and cream. I'm really pleased with how all the colours worked together and I have enough left over to make some other small pieces like a jumper or some hats.

It measures around 75cm square which is the perfect size for a car seat blanket. I finished it off with my favourite edging at the moment; the bobble edge a la Attic 24 and also managed to find an Etsy seller that prints onto ribbon so I had Orla's name, date of birth and weight printed and sewed this onto the bottom edge of the blanket.

Mummy and Daddy were very pleased with it which makes me happy!

If you would like any custom made blankets in this size and style, please let me know!!

Betty xXx

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