Monday, 3 August 2015

Crochet Project Ideas // August 2015

As with any crochet enthusiast I am always thinking of new ideas and projects to make. I often keep a notebook handy to write these down; some don't come to fruition but there's always one or two that are at the top of my list(s).

At the moment I am loving blanket making. The arrival of new babies just gives me the perfect excuse to whip a new one up and I'm nearing the end of my latest blanket on the hook. So after perusing a few blogs and Etsy patterns I have a few in mind.

 Source: Craft Redman via Etsy (link)

First up is one I've had on my Etsy favourites list for some time.  I love the geometric pattern and use of colours to show off the unusal look of the blanket. Although it might look complicated I think it would be one of those patterns that once you get into it, you'll soon get the hang of it. Plus it would be fun to play around with different colour techniques.

Source: Beak Up Crafts blog (link)

This next one I spotted the other day on Kate's blog, Beak Up Crafts. The original pattern is from Ana Contreras (link) where she uses a mix of stitches and colours (pinks and blues) to create a gorgeous and unique blanket. I really wish I'd seen this sooner so I could have made it for one of the babies being born soon!

Kate has used such a gorgeous array of colours; I just love how bright and cheery it is and I think it would look lovely in a baby nursery or even a smaller version for a pram/buggy. I think this may be my next blanket make and what a good way to use up all that yarn I have!

Source: Heidi Bears Patterns via Etsy (link)

Lastly I have been wanting to make this adorable hippo for such a long time. The Happypotomus by Heidi Bears looks quite complicated to make but she has recently added a granny motif to her design which looks a bit more achievable (for me). The colours she uses in her original pattern are so happy and bright but a quick Google search shows other makers have used some amazing colour combinations so now I'm trying to decide which to go for! With my niece's first birthday coming up I'm hoping I might be able to make this in time.

**Update** I've attempted the hippo pattern and right now I don't think I have the patience for it especially with such a short time frame! I will try in the future but just not right now :)

What have you been making lately?

Ashlie xxx

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