Friday, 4 September 2015

Blanket for Baby #3!

Where to start with this third baby blanket of the year and I think this is the first blanket where I've really planned out myself what the blanket will look like as opposed to following a set pattern.

This blanket is for another baby (who has just been born!) and I think the last one due this year. I knew he was going to be a boy so asked mum which colours she would like and if there was anything specific she wanted in terms of design. In terms of colour she wanted to use different shades of blue so I went with Stylecraft Special DK in the shades Cloud and Aster which were complimented by adding Silver and Cream. I then used Denim for a joining/boarder colour.

For the design, mum really like the star blanket I'd previously made which was actually for a friend of hers so I definitely wanted to include them. I went with a mix of stars and granny squares, along with a sunburst square in the centre and a mix of granny stripes and double crochet rows for the in-between border and outer border. The blanket was finished with a sort of spike edging which I found on Lucy's blog (Attic 24); if in doubt always look to her blog for ideas and inspiration!!

Joining the whole thing together did take a while, more so remembering the order I wanted it all to go in without any colour clashes. Everything was finished with a good steam block (squares were blocked prior to joining) and I'm really happy with the end blanket. I finished the blanket with a ceramic tag from an Instagram seller, Haley who's username is @handcraftedlove.

I'm going to take a little break from blanket making for a while and might actually make one for myself next time! I have plenty of inspiration which you can read about in my previous post and I really want to use up a lot of the yarn I have stashed away so it might be a very multi-coloured one!

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