Friday, 23 October 2015

{Crochet} Jumpers


For such a long time now I’ve wanted to make an item of clothing for myself. The majority of the stuff I make is for other people bar the odd hat, scarf or blanket here and there. I love making for other people and it gives me the drive to finish something whereas when I’m making just for me I tend to start and stop…and sometimes never return to it! 

Clothing is something I’ve wanted to try for ages mainly for the challenge but then I get something lovely at the end too! I’ve been searching for the perfect Jumper and cardigan patterns for ages, started a few and then realised that they are a bit difficult/time consuming/or I get distracted by something else to make! However a recent issue of Simply Crochet featured a really simple one stitch jumper that I thought I could make. So I started and then stopped for a few weeks and now I’ve picked it up again. The jumper itself is very plain so I've decided to try and make it a little more stylish, maybe slightly oversized – a bit more my style.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress! I’m planning to make a long cardigan for myself over the Christmas period as I should have finished making any gifts by then. 

Have you made any items of clothing? Can you share any tips? 

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