Friday, 15 January 2016

The Bobble Hat

Now that winter finally seems to be here I can crack out the cosy hats and scarves. I have been looking to make a bobble hat for a while now but as we had such a mild winter I didn't feel the need to make one, let alone wear one.

As soon as I saw Sarah from AnnaBoosHouse post a pattern for a simple bobble hat, using yarn I had stashed away (saved for another project that never materialised) I just had to give it a go. She even has a YouTube tutorial to talk you through the whole pattern! So last night in just over an hour I made this lovely and super easy bobble hat. It works up really quickly as the yarn (Drops Andes) is so chunky.

My favourite part is always making the pom pom! I used a Clover pom pom maker but in the size down to what Sarah has suggested (the light green one instead of blue) as I didn't want it to be too big.

That hat fits perfectly! I will definitely be making another one in a different colour, maybe with a contrasting trim and pom pom. I might add another row before making the trim just so it covers my ears fully.

If you're feeling the cold this week, definitely give this hat a go!

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