Friday, 5 February 2016

First Attempt Crochet Bag

I don't know about you but I'm a pattern hoarder. If I get an idea in my head I spend some time researching the best pattern, yarn or method of how to make it. As I've mentioned before I usually look to the internet as my main source and before I know it I have 20 tabs opened all with patterns to be downloaded or purchased. I then either print them and squirrel them away if I'm not going to make it that evening, or store them in iBooks on my iPad.

I've wanted to make a little bag for myself for quite a while now and have dabbled a bit (post on that coming shortly) but every time I see this textured bag by Lion Brand I mentally store it away, always having other projects I want to start first.

The other night I just wanted something easy to make whilst I watched TV snuggled under a blanket so finally got round to starting this bag! The pattern is free from the Lion Brand website when you sign up (also free). They actually have a whole library full of free patterns for knitting and crochet so its well worth a look!

I deviated slightly from the requirements - I didn't have any bulky/chunky yarn so used Stylecraft Weekender (I love this yarn!) which is super chunky and an 8mm hook to suit. The pattern is worked in one piece with a simple alternation of slip stitch and half-double crochet.

Annoyingly I ran out of the beige colour I was using but as I wanted to finish this in time for the weekend I finished it off with a dusky pink from the same brand/range, so now its kind of a colour block style which I kind of like. As it was so easy to make I definitely will be making another in a different colour; I just need to remember to buy two balls of yarn!

For the straps I already had some faux leather fabric I've bought for another project so cut two strips for bag handles. I made them fairly short - you could of course make these longer if you wanted a small shoulder bag. I then lined with some spare blue floral fabric I had in the cupboard. This was the part I was dreading as my sewing skills are pretty poor but after watching a couple of tutorials I managed to do it, by hand!

I'm so pleased I managed to finish it - with a lining!! I took it out for a spin the other week and I'm please to report it didn't fall apart! I'll definitely be making another one soon.

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